What does the Circular Waste Processor do? 

The processor converts your waste into a processed raw material which is sterilised, stable, reusable and dry and significantly reduces the volume of it. The processors have been classified as ZEE – Zero Emission Equipment.  There is no dust or emission of any kind released into your working environment.

Is this a bailer or compactor?

No.  The processor shreds waste to reduce volume by up to 80%. 

How do you produce sterile waste?

The processor shreds waste and in doing so uses friction to generate heat.  The moisture in the waste evaporates as steam and sterilises the waste.  This kills harmful bacteria and viruses.  

Cost? How will this save money?

The weight and volume of waste are both reduced meaning charges for disposal are reduced significantly. For example, processing a typical load of municipal solid waste (black bin bags) could create a 50% reduction in waste weight.  This means landfill charges would be reduced by 50%.

What can go into a waste processor?

The waste processor can convert municipal solid waste, simple commercial waste, food waste, clinical waste and construction waste.

What's the reduction in waste?

The conversion process reduces the volume by 80% and waste up to 70%.  This reduces your logistics and transport costs along with the related CO2 emissions.

What happens to the flock at the end? 

The flock that is produced is sterilised, stable, reusable and dry.  This means it can be stored for 6 months and is easy to transport and if desired can be used as a fuel.

What energy does it need?

The processor runs on electricity.  In comparison to dealing with untreated waste your carbon footprint and energy consumption are significantly reduced.

How easy is it to use?

It is very easy to use.  Raw waste is placed into the drum, either loose or in bags either manually or using an automatic feed.

How long does it take to process the waste?

30 to 45 minutes maximum depending on the waste.

How much waste can the machine process?

Depending on which machine you use and the type of waste, you will be able to process up to 1.6 tons per hour

What warranty is given with the processor?

Each machine comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s on-site warranty.

How do you produce sterile waste?

The processor uses friction to generate heat.  Moisture in the waste evaporates as steam and in doing so sterilises the waste.  This kills any harmful bacteria and viruses. 

What can flock be used for?

The flock that is produced can be used for many things depending on the waste that created it.  Food waste flock can used as fertilizer, municipal waste flock as a fuel and, in it’s raw state, flock is a much reduced land-fill deposit.

What do we do with the grey water that comes from the process?

The grey water is sterile and can be disposed of through normal sewerage.

How do I decide which size machine is best for us?

Please book a consultation call or visit now – to discuss the nature and volume of your waste and how we can help you reduce it. 

Can we lease/buy/hire these machines?

Yes, book a demo now to find out more on the number below.

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